One Month to Get It Done

In my new home town in Colorado I have started collaborating with a group of entrepreneurs on the idea of accomplishing important goals. Since this is such a broad and potentially overwhelming topic, we broke it down: Choose one goal that you can achieve in a month – and get it done.

In shamanic work, the power animals offer us archetypes of healing, and of power, which can assist us as we embark oserpent sheddingn any new challenge:

SERPENT ASKS: Are you ready to shed the past? What are you willing to let go of?


JAGUAR ASKS: What is it like to be fearless in this situation? What steps are you willing to take?


HUMMINGBIRD ASKS: How can you incorporate the sweetness of this life as you work towards your goal? Who will help you on this epic journey?

CondorCONDOR ASKS: As you soar wing-to-wing with the Great Spirit, what do you see? Are there new options you can perceive from this broader perspective that you might not have noticed before?

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