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I live in Breckenridge, Colorado where I write a column for our local newspaper. Food and wine, outdoor adventures (and mis-adventures), and the quirks of friends, family, neighbors and our dogs, are all subjects I enjoy writing about.

I grew up in New York, with summers spent in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The contrast between city and countryside (culture and sophistication versus nature and wildness) is a theme that is important to me and seems to show up in how I have lived my life and what I am drawn to write about. I ran a publishing company in Manhattan which allowed me to travel to Hong Kong, Miami, Frankfurt and Milan among other noisy, colorful urban hot spots. Later, I lived in the Adirondack mountains for five years and worked remotely from a cabin in this secluded wilderness.

More recently my interests have led me to practice yoga and to gain my certification as a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. In 2012 I travelled to Peru to meet traditional shamanic healers and to become accepted as “beginner healer.” (See Christinajaguar).

While I have always been driven to write, in 2012 I began to explore some of the difficult transitions in my life in pieces accepted for publication. My first published essays appeared in Forbes.com, and focused on how to “lead with your heart,” balancing business interests with a spiritual practice.

Life sometimes takes us back to where we started. In 2013, while living in Florida, I began a conversation with a friend in Colorado whom I had known since high school. Or, I should say, I picked up the thread of a conversation that had been started long ago. My friend, Alan, invited me to visit his home and ski with him in Breckenridge; I accepted his invitation and never left. Alan and I have known each other since we were 13 and 14 years old. In 2018 we were married.

Here in Colorado my interviews, essays, and travel reviews have appeared in a variety of publications such as The Summit Daily, The Vail Daily and MTN Town Magazine. In 2017 I collaborated on a coffee table book published by the Hoberman Collection (London/Cape Town), exploring the Winelands of Colorado. Like most writers, I’ve juggled all manner of “other jobs”–from teaching yoga, to selling fancy pots and pans at a local cookware store, to organizing fundraising events–in order to make this writing life possible.

Tucked in the back of my mind has been a story I’ve been wanting to tell, about a childhood in rural New Hampshire. It is also a tale about discovering your own dreams and ambitions, falling in love and having your heart broken. And not least of all, this story,  All the Flowers of the Mountain, is about coming home–finding your way back to where you started. I’ve completed the manuscript for the novel and hope to find a publisher soon!

In the meantime, you can find me on the ski slopes with Alan, hiking in the woods with my dog Luke, or sitting at the kitchen counter working on my next essay or short story!

Snowy portrait photo credit: Joe Kusumoto

What readers say about my column, Lark Ascending

You Love The Thunder ~

“I have never responded to an article before but yours really spoke to me. You brought back great memories of good times and trying to figure life out. The music you highlighted was definitely on my ‘playlist’ and still is. Thanks for the memories!”

Kate H.

Turning Darkness Into Gold ~

“I was just sent an article which appeared in the Summit Daily and after reading it and sharing it with my mother (being on the phone with her as she read it out loud to herself) we are both still wiping the tears from our eyes. I know that words are inadequate at this point for expressing how grateful we are for your beautifully written article.”

Atis S.

Senior Pets ~

“Your column brought tears to my eyes as I have over the past thirty years had to face those decisions for four generations of dogs and cats. Love those fur babies.”

Carol H.

“What wonderful and uplifting story! In fact, my pets keep me going … I realize I have to muddle through in order to make sure they are fed and comfortable and loved.”

John B.

Calm In The Time Of COVID19 ~

“Thank you for your wonderfully helpful column yesterday, it was a great support. It helped me let go of the things I can’t control and get back to more focused work.”

Karen T.

My Mother’s Cat ~

“Your story touched me in ways I cannot really describe. I want to thank you.”

Rachel T.

“So beautifully written. Wow.”

Kathryn D.

“There are so many of us who can relate to this story. Thank you for writing it.”

Barb E.

A Weekend With Mister Rogers ~

“Loved your essay on kindness; hopefully it will translate into action. Awareness is the first step.”

Peggy A.

With Boundaries Comes The Desire To Cross them ~

“Love it! The whole notion of parenting and boundaries is completely different today than it was when we were kids….when we were all growing up, parents never knew where the kids were … they knew we were around, but not exactly where, what we were doing, or with whom.”

Catherine O.

Will You Walk With Me? ~

“What a beautiful tribute to both love and the friendship between spouses. Beautifully expressed.”

Simone G.

“So wise.”

Michael M.

“We who have found love later in our lives understand every word.”

Sandra M.

Coming Home ~

I have never had the pleasure of reading any of your columns, but now I will try to never miss one. The way you wrote of your mom’s impending death and your desire to try to control it and literally be in another place speaks so strongly to me and, I imagine, to many others. Thank you.”

Andie I.

“My wife and I just read your article. Brought my wife to tears. Thank you.”

Ed and Joan M.

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