I live in Breckenridge, Colorado with my husband Alan and our dog Luke.

I was born in New York City, and grew up in Scarsdale, New York. Summers and family vacations were spent in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Those childhood summers seem like magical times, now, and are a theme I come back to frequently in writing.

In contrast, after graduating from Wellesley College, much of my adult working life has been spent in cities. I ran a publishing company in Manhattan which allowed me to travel to Hong Kong, Miami, Frankfurt and Milan among other noisy, colorful urban hot spots.

By 2012, corporate life was no longer for me. I quit my job, and I became certified as a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. A transformative trip to Peru to meet traditional healers set me on a path to exploring questions about healing on both the physical and spiritual levels, and the nature of our place in the web of all things.

In what seems to me an enchanted turn of events, in 2014 I reconnected with a man who had been my best friend at age 14. I moved out to the Rocky Mountains to be with him, and — well into middle age — Alan and I were married in 2018.

Here in Colorado my interviews, essays, and travel reviews have appeared in a variety of publications such as The Summit Daily, The Vail Daily and MTN Town Magazine. I collaborated on a coffee table book published by the Hoberman Collection (London/Cape Town), exploring the Winelands of Colorado.

Currently, I am focusing my writing efforts on fiction. My debut novel, All the Flowers of the Mountain, is due out July 2022. I hope you’ll follow this link for more about the book, and for an interview with me about the novel and the writing process. To purchase a copy, check out your local bookstore or order on Amazon.com.

Otherwise, you can find me out on the ski slopes with Alan, or hiking in the woods with Luke and trying to avoid surprise moose encounters!

RECENT WORK – Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Please check out a story or two of mine, see links below.

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The Shower Room, published November 21, 2021 in Muleskinner Literary Journal

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