What is God’s will for a Wing?

lark ascending

From today forward we move into the light. For the next 6 months, darkness diminishes, and the light increases.

It is a good moment to think about what enhances our own light, pulls us out of any dark places we may have wandered into, draws us back into our own strength, wholeness, and natural brilliance.

In recent conversations, I’ve spoken with friends about challenges each of us are facing, difficult relationships we are trying to come to grips with, even habits we suspect it is time to do something about. Suddenly, it has become so clear to me: what makes you stronger rather than weaker; what makes you feel your light shining brightly and does not hide, diminish, or snuff it out – that is what you reach for, hold onto, pull close to your heart. And although it is in no way easy, and sometimes comes with heartbreak, everything else you let go of.

We are meant to soar; we are meant to shine.

“I let enter my mouth what will enrich me. I wear what

will make my eye content,

I sleep where I will

wake with the

strength to



all my mind can hold.

What is God’s will for a wing? Every bird knows that.”

St. Teresa of Avila, Love Poems from God, Sacred Voices from the East and West

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