Who’s Got Your Back?


These past five years have been a roller coaster ride on the career front for many of us. Maybe you still feel that you are on the terrifying plunge downward – or perhaps you are on the upward trajectory at last, sighing with relief.

Does this crazy ride sound familiar? If so, who have you turned to for help with work or career?  Who has come through for you? Who has let you down? Did help come from unexpected places? Were there organizations that were helpful – or not?

Did particular people in your life play a key role in getting you financially or career-wise back on track? Who offered tangible help, in the form of offering to hire you for a job, pay you for a consulting gig or teaching assignment, or make the key connection/recommendation that would land you a paying job or assignment?

Have you drawn any conclusions about personal and professional connections, professional networking organizations, career advisors or services?

We all need to make a living. I’ve thought a lot recently – and with enormous gratitude – about those who have come through for me, and it has not always been who I expected. – CH

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