Love As Wide As The Ocean

In response to a remark I made about the fear we experience in the face of uncertainty, a healer said to me: In a vision I am standing in a pool of water that comes up above my knees, to my thighs. I reach down to cup the water in my hands. It is an indescribable blue, so beautiful that I want to grasp it, to have even a little of this sapphire liquid for my own. Reaching down into the pool, I try to scoop up handfuls of it, pouring it into my pockets. I become rather desperate about it. But of course, the water runs right through my clothes – the faster I scoop, the more it flows back into the pool.

My view changes, expands, as if I am an eagle flying far above my human self, my human understanding. The water I am standing in is not a small pool, I see, but expands in all directions, it has no end. It is as deep as the ocean, as vast as the heavens. It is all around me, there will always be enough and there has always been enough.

I laugh then, to think I would have been satisfied to take a small handful of this water in my pocket, when in fact here I am, with the ocean all around me.

ocean and sky

With thanks, to Mikki

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