Book Release

All The Flowers of the Mountain

In a Paris art gallery, physician Dr. Michael Pearce is forced to confront his past when he views a sculpture by the artist Katherine Morgan.

The vivid bronze artwork evokes memories of a summer many years ago, when Michael and Katherine–Kit–first met as teenagers by a lake in New Hampshire. He, a small town boy who skied, played guitar, and was destined to run his father’s hardware store; she, the restless, troubled daughter of a wealthy New York family.

Set amidst the mountains and farmlands, small country towns and elegant summer homes of rural New England,  All the Flowers of the Mountain is the story of a pivotal summer for Michael and Kit. Michael’s ambitions are ignited by this young woman, as he finds himself falling deeply in love. He is determined that their future will be together. But Kit dreams of becoming an artist and her struggle with a secret from the past leads to a deadly showdown by summer’s end, and choices that will break Michael’s heart.

Sugar Hill with a view of Mt. Lafayette

All the Flowers of the Mountain is a novel set in a small town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. While the story and all the characters are works of the imagination, the towns of Franconia, Sugar Hill and Littleton all exist. Summer people still swim at Profile Lake, and Cannon Mountain is popular for summer hikes and winters on the ski slopes.

The Town of Franconia
Backroads from Franconia to Sugar Hill
Profile Lake and the Old Man on the Mountain
The town of Littleton along the Ammoonosuc River

The winding rivers and dirt roads haven’t changed too much since the late 1970’s when much of this story takes place. The Sugar Hill Sampler and Polly’s Pancake Parlor are still favorites with visitors and locals!

The Thayer Hotel where Oliver’s Pub was the most popular bar in town
The Sugar Hill Sampler Gift Shop
Dairy Farm in the White Mountains
Polly’s Pancake Parlor